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wowandflutter at C'NT

DJD dance imageThere were two performances - One night only!
Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 8 and 9 pm ish

January 31-February 10, 2008 at The GRAND

The C'NT welcomed DJD Artistic Associate/Resident Choreographer, Kimberley Cooper. Accepting the challenge of low ceilings, cramped quarters and an enthusiastic crowd, Ms. Cooper and eight fabulous dancers offered an intimate sampling of DJD’s new work, wowandflutter.

"Set to the intense, compelling, polyrhythmic music of Ninja Tune beatsmith Amon Tobin, with dreamy visuals by critically acclaimed installation artist David Hoffos, Kim Cooper is creating a ground breaking new performance experience that takes the audience on an epic ride of whimsy, humour, intensity, strangeness, video games, sci-fi and fish tanks. wowandflutter promises audiences a beautiful soup of otherworldly wonder." (DJD)

Thanks to:

Choreography - Kimberley Cooper

DJD Dancers - Sarisa Figueroa, Catherine Hayward, Laura Kliner, Dinou Marlett-Stuart, Ivan Nunez Segui, Mailika Stivastiva, Kaleb Tekeste & Deanne Walsh

Technical Support - Noel Bégin

Event Documentation - Milo Dlouhy, Joe Kelly & Noel Bégin

Soundtrack - Amon Tobin

Guest DJ from Vancouver - Natalie Purschwitz
(Costume and fashion designer, interdisciplinary artist, founding member of Intermission)

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January 31-February 10, 2008