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Milo DlouhyLONG LOST
Milo Dlouhy

October 19 and 20, 2007

The C’NT is pleased to present LONG LOST, a mixed media installation by Calgary artist and independent gallerist, Milo Dlouhy. A long-time fixture in the city’s art scene, Dlouhy is co-founder of the Estate with Angela Inglis and the infamous Sugar Estate Gallery with Inglis and Lisa Brawn. Currently the three occupy The Portrait Estate in Art Central as well as the National Portrait Gallery on 17th Avenue and a really fun space at: http://thenationalportraitgallery.com

Milo DlouhyWhile attending to a revolving exhibition schedule for many years, Dlouhy has also been busy making things. An accomplished painter, imaginative sculptor and constant publisher (web and print), he has turned his attention to photography and video of late. LONG LOST, however, unearths several older works reweaving the study, the narrative and the punch line. Contemplative and autobiographical, the installation is titled after a translation of Dlouhy’s Czech name and concerns, as the artist says, “life and death and all that good stuff.”

Artist Statement

Dlouhy in Czech translates into Long in English.
I'd like to live a long life, but it won't be long enough.
My longing, long lost, is not present in that piece.
That work is incidentally preserved to live long and represent me.
Which of course it doesn't, except perhaps in some small ambiguous way.
I make those things, those useless things, when I'm lost.
When i have a long moment, I glue something.
Stick it together to something else - so it doesn't get lost - like me.

Milo Dlouhy

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