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Milo DlouhyAurora Landín
Gemma's Pool

After enduring the bitterly freezing winds, heaps of snow, and endless months of winter in Winnipeg comes at last the reward of the heat (and infamous mosquitos) of summer, lush and humid without a breeze to be found. While others slathered on the deet and sunscreen and flocked to the white-sand shores of Grand Beach*, my favorite getaway was the yearly invitation to the Howorth's cabin at Grand Marais, with it's promise of fabulous company, countless gin and tonics, luxurious lounging and leisurely dips in the crystal-clear water of Gemma's pool.

*"Best kept secret in North America"

Aurora Landín


Aurora Landin received a Diploma of Art and Design from Red Deer College, a BFA from the University of Calgary, and an MFA from Washington State University. In addition to a long working association with galleries and other arts organizations, Aurora has taught in a number of institutions, most recently at the Alberta College of Art and Design. A recipient of various grants and awards, her work has been shown and collected through numerous group and solo exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Poland.

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