The Alphabet Series
by John Will

I was once a bum. Then I shaved and discovered the alphabet. Then I discovered something that I am willing to share with you for a small fee.

The alphabet: literate man's method of organizing the base of verbval and written communication. We memorize it as children and get it confused as senility overtakes us. Strangely enough in the Western World we call it the Arabic system. For some reason it has twenty-six characters.

The self portrait: older than the alphabet, older than heiroglyphics. They range from pre-history to the present, from scratching on cave walls to pushing computer mouses around. They are sometimes introspective and often egocentric. When they become multiple some people would say they become megalomanic.

My alphabet was not constructed on the computer, rather they are polaroid photographs mounted on canvas with acrylic paint creating the various words that represent the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Obviously, the words compliment the action of the photographs and result in classification and codification of me. The mulitple polaroid exposure technique came to me by accident much like Newton's apple falling on his head - and its my secret. It is available to you if you are very nice to me. Please send me $100 U.S.($120 CDN) and I will send you the secret.

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