Yeah, years ago. Well, I was thinking one time when we were talking about this show--about a pictorial narrative happening through the paintings being a parallel to the verbal. There are kind of interesting parallels between the painting response that people do and the verbal response and ah. The painting response is such a pure response isn't it? It's such a lovely thing to take your hand and your mind and your concentration to something and to do it as best, as well as you can, and to find as much there through entirely different sensibilities from what you bring to express yourself verbally. And you know.......Yeah, it's very interesting. I'm so conscious of the limitations of language. That's the thing that motivates me so much. I can't stand how limited language is for expressing and yet it's the main medium we have. And the medium that everybody uses--our exchange medium.


Arlene Stamp in conversation with Vera Gartley on June 25, 1998.


We have here a set of pictures that are historically important in the family--at least--and I'm making an art show based on them. In the end there'll be literally hundreds of copies. Members of the family that remembered this as children and copied it in contemporary times,loaned them to me for the show.


In the meantime I want to have some new very contemporary copies made on the computer or otherwise. By the end of September when the show ends we'll probably have hundreds of these copies coming in. But only five of them are going to be fabricated in your technology.


Let me show you my binder. Part of the project is going to be an archive. This is the beginning of it here. And ah, these are some of the conversations I've collected including the one that I recorded here last time. That's where this text came from. It's my aunt speaking there.


And I've selected some texts that might go in place here. And because I don't know what images are going to be behind the others. I have selected about 25 texts and I'm going to select one for each of the five images. For instance, this text probably doesn't go with this image because it doesn't show the original cracked picture.

Follow this link for more conversations on the original painting.

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